Sunday, January 16, 2011


I wonder if it's better to try and not think about things that hurt us. I guess we don't really have a say though really. It's like when someone says think of anything besides an elephant. What do you think about? An elephant. You always think about what you don't want to think about the most. You know when every song can somehow relate to a situation, even when it clearly was written for something completely unrelated? That's when you know it's seems impossible to control. When one line in a song can trigger a flashback so real you think you're experiencing it all over again. You end up not wanting to listen to anything, but then you end up listening to your thoughts again. So you go out, but then every street has a memory of them. But when you stay in you remember when they used to spend every free moment at your house, or pictures of them appear everywhere you look. And when you close your eyes, visions appear anyway. It's just a viscous circle you can't ignore. So maybe I should stop trying so hard to dodge it. Maybe I can use some reverse psychology on my thoughts. I guess it can't hurt anymore than it already does.

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