Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've been reading random people's blogs and forums in which are relevant to me purely just for information, and it made me realize so many normal people can be so inspiring. I really want to make something of myself as other people have. They take problems in which most people would see as negative, and turn it around to help others along the way. They write about their illnesses and chronic life-altering circumstances in a way in which you wish you just read in awe of what they make of themselves. People are so much more amazing, beautiful, and inspiring than people who seem to have a perfect lifestyle.

You would think they would be negative and feeling sorry for themselves, but every person I come across who has road blocks literally make me jealous of how far they've come and how strong they are.  They almost make you wish you had those problems. Almost. I think those people are confident on the outside, and not in denial of the truth. They have come to terms with their obvious challenges, and have altered their lifestyle to fit for a semi-normal life. Even people who know they are not going to make it past their teen years, they still live like they are going to become great-grandparents. I envy their optimistic attitudes. It's why I love volunteering at camps. Meeting people you never would picture yourself having a connection with is beautiful. And luckily, it's usually a two way street. Help someone and you help yourself along the way.

I want to be as inspiring as those people. Starting...

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