Friday, January 28, 2011

Never Satisfied.

I hate when people just seem never satisfied. Desires seem to overcome every single person these days. They complain they don't have a job, then they complain they have too many hours when they finally get one. They complain they want to be a in a relationship, but then when they're in one they just complain about how it's going too fast, or too slow. They say they want to get away from everything, but then when they do, they claim they miss the past. They say they want to lose 5 pounds, but then the next week they say they meant 5 pounds a week. I don't get it. What's the point in even wanting anything or wishing something when you're never happy with what you have. People aren't thankful for what is right in front of them until someone else points it out to them. They don't see the beauty within someone as another person does. They don't realize other people are jealous of how people perceive you in the world. They don't realize they have a million great relationships, a career obviously set in stone, supportive family and close friends. They just see what they want to see. They focus on how they're overworked and unappreciated. I wish I could make people see what I see in them. Maybe then they'd have a different perspective. But then again, I'm sure this whole statement is just a hypocritical opinion. I know I do the same thing. So this is not only a letter to other people out there, but also to myself.

I don't want to seem unsatisfied with my choices I've made. Even though I can't stand my living situation, I am still happy with my choice to live here. There are always going to be obstacles in every choice you make, but you just have to learn how to take the good with the bad. Not everything can be perfect or have a fairy tale ending. Not every relationship can have no arguments, not every friendship can have no falling outs. Not every job can have the exact amount of hours or pay, not every class can have no homework. Acceptance is the first step to satisfaction. Once you learn to accept that everything cannot and WILL not be perfect, you'll find yourself being a lot more comfortable with situations you were once uncomfortable with. As bad as it sounds, I find comfort in the fact that things can always be worse so it makes it hard to feel sorry for myself. When things are bad I think at least I don't have a crazy roommate who parties and leaves my house a mess instead of being annoyed at her OCD tactics. Instead of being frustrated with my family, I think at least I have a family. At least I don't have divorced parents like most of the world and at least they aren't alcoholics or unfaithful. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I've lost so many good friends lately, I think of all the new friendships I'm now making, and how past obstacles are making those only stronger. I truly believe mistakes help form your perspectives on the future. I don't think I would have these views if I hadn't seen so much pain in the world, or gone through some tough situations myself. But I know that things could be worse, and that I don't want to live my life constantly unsatisfied.

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