Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is the World Coming to?

Is it sad that I honestly believe I could be a better parent than mine? I constantly have to tell them what to do (not that they listen) when it comes to what they should've done with me and what they should do with my brother. I think it's disappointing that my little brother is in this much trouble at his age. And it's gotten so bad that I can't make it better. I blame a lot on my parents, but they raised me the same way and I am nowhere close to as stupid as him. In a way, this makes me so scared to ever have kids of my own. I just don't get what this world is coming to, especially with the younger generations. All of my friends are similar in how they live their lives with me, but all our our younger siblings have completely gone off course and it just scares me for our future. Someone should tell them there is more to life than weed and fighting.

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