Friday, October 15, 2010

We're all lit up by the same sun.

How adorable is this? Yeah, I stalk for good pictures.
Sorry it is SO blurry, but it would have been awkward if I were any closer. But yeah, he's meditating...
This doesn't even capture how awesome this looked in real life. I just liked the silhouette of the board :)
I LOVE this picture. I was trying to get one of the sun, and they entered the frame. It adds more character, I think :)
So, the other day I was supposed to go to a spin class. But of course at the last minute, my friend cancelled. I realized that it was super nice outside, so why would I go to an indoor crowded gym I'd have to use a NAV to get to it, and then wait an hour to get a parking spot? And then I realized I can see the beach from my street. And for San Francisco, seeing the sun is rare. So, I decided to run to a beach called "Ocean Beach". Ironic name, I know. For some reason, even though the sun has been out most of the time since I've moved here (which is rare, like I mentioned), I haven't even gone to the beach yet even though I live less than 5 miles away!

Side note: I also think it's great how I live in the city, but I can run to the beach from my house. I mean, even living in Orange County, I lived at LEAST 25 minutes away by driving.

I started running and my house key fell out of my pocket. So for 20 minutes I circled the same area looking like a stalker/drug dealer freaking out until I found it. By that time, it was getting late when I finally reached the beach almost passing out since I hadn't ran in awhile. It was beautiful. At that moment, I knew God had cancelled my plans for a reason, and lost my key so that I could be at the beach during sunset. I ran all the way to the end of the beach where there was nowhere left to run. The light hit every single piece of the beach perfectly. There were couples holding hands, kites flying, and perfect curves of water edging the sand. Even though it was pretty cold out, a couple of people were in the water. Like the skim-boarder I stalked to get a good picture (see above). I literally took like 20 pictures of him as he skimmed the edges of the waves because the sun was going down right on him, and the lighting was literally amazing.

I just love sunsets. People are always happy, and thinking, and appreciative. At one point, my ipod just shut off randomly. Annoyed, I looked down to put my music back on, but then I could hear the waves. And I knew God wanted me to hear what he created. He wanted to take all of my distractions away, and sink everything in. He was telling me that no matter how tough things are, and how much the world seems to suck around you, he is there with you and there is so much beauty in what he has created. I think that was the first time I've ever gone to the beach alone, and it's something I want to do all the time now. Everyone was doing something different. Whether it was running, kissing, meditating (like the guy above), walking, running..etc. Where as Orange County, everyone appears to be unhappy. It's weird, I don't know how to explain it, it was just a different vibe. And as the sun was going down, everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared. Everyone started taking millions of pictures and we were all in that moment together. Appreciating what we were seeing. And once the sun went down, everyone just smiled at one another because we all understood. We all knew that there was one sun everyone in the world sees, but we were lucky enough to have this view. I'll never forget that moment. And I realize this story sounds ridiculous, but I swear, if you were there you'd get it. It's hard to explain, but I know God wanted me in that place at that exact time. So much wrong has been happening lately that I just needed a reminder, and a whisper from the waves that everything would be okay, and that the world can be seen from so many perspectives. And even though we are all viewing the same sun, we are all being lit by it differently. All I know is I want to be lit with that feeling every day.

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