Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just watched my guilty pleasure show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (I know, I know). And I don't think I have ever been more disappointed in a celebrity before after this weeks episode. Kim suddenly got Psoriasis, (not even all over, just random spots) and acted like her life was over, and probably truly believed it was. Her mom said she had it and cried herself to sleep for months when she was first diagnosed and compared it to Leporasy and scaring Kim into ever dating again, and Kim wasn't much better saying she wouldn't be hired to model anymore and couldn't wear dresses on the runway ever again. I literally wanted to punch the screen. People like her are why I am so glad I have experienced life outside our superficial little bubble. I am so fortunate to have been apart of a camp for children with skin diseases. Harsh, skin diseases, DEADLY, painful, scarring, repetitive. Types nobody in the world should have to live with. And you know what? Those kids always have a smile on their face and never ever complain. It makes me sick that people are that shallow and can only get by on their looks. How sad it would be to actually have to use your brain to earn money rather than only being remembered by how big your butt is. It's sad really.

People I know are fully aware they are going to die of their disease. I can't even imagine. I can't even grasp that concept. Living every day to the fullest knowing that the disease you were born with will one day kill you. And here she is worried about a few patches ruining a photoshoot. And she is making money off of her ignorance which irritates me even more. I swear, I think the saddest part is, is that most people think like this. Most people actually are so insecure that they believe every possibility is derived on looks. If you're not in perfect condition you won't find happiness. You won't find a significant other, nobody will hire you, your friends will exclude you, nobody will want to touch you, nobody will look past your appearance into your character. In the world we live in, a lot of this is true for the most part. It's true because other people make it important, and make it matter. If people didn't place such importance on superficial notions, a person would be judged completely differently. I guess we just need to change people's perceptions and outlook on the world. But it becomes nearly impossible when you have networks broadcasting celebrities complaining about their so-called "problems."

So, I definitely wouldn't call this show a guilty pleasure. Maybe guilty disgust.

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